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Porsche 997 GTR 650 Uwe Gemballa Tuning

A world-famous Porsche tuning company - Uwe Gemballa, have prepared biturbo coctail for us. It carries a form of Porsche 997 GTR650 of the newest generation, called the Avalanche.

There is a 650 hp machine under the hood of an unmodified Porshe 997 GTR650. And even more - 950 hp and 820 Nm-1 after massive modifications by Uwe Gemballa. This respectful power is provided by a Porsche classical "boxer" engine with 3.3l of cubage and by a "double" turbo - called biturbo.

Mainly thanks to it's powerful engine, it takes 11.2 seconds for this "beauty" to achieve a speed of 200 km/h. A short while after, a pointer of the speedometer stops on the maximum value of 335 km/h!!! Numbers like these like to force a man to his knees. But it isn't sufficient to buy an already expensive sportscar to achieve them.

This masterpiece is outfitted with a quality-based forged pistons, solid titanium connection rod, special air intake mechanism with a trinity of intercoolers and a whole new turbosystem configuration with a unique tough threaded stabilizer. A phrase "safety first" is double important in relation to such a powerful vechicle.

That's why Uwe has fitted this "avalanche" by 8-piston brake seddle and 380 mm break disks on the front axle. Additionally, the chassis has been made tougher, what's the reason of disappeared rear seats.

Porsche Gemballa Orange Evo GTR 650 Avalanche on photos:


The perfectionism of Uwe is evident from attractive and sophisticated bodykit, and when I say attractive, I mean really glamorous. All parts are made of carbon fiber and side windows are plexi. These two facts lower the total weight of "avalanche". To have the real unicum, you can (if you have a lot of finances) buy a super-sport well-known fenders with integrated front hood.

But what would it be a unicum without a proper wheels? In this case, a manufaturer have chosen a 19" and 20" ones, mainly because vast brake disks. On these rims, Uwe has put tires with dimensions of 235/35 R19 in front and 315/30 R19 on the rear. In case of 20" rims, the tires change respectively - 345/35 R20 in front and 325/25 R20 on the rear.

A real speciality is a steering on the right side, which is not present on any other Porsche.. The reason is "avalanche" have been made mainly for people on the other side of a La-Manche channel(GBR), respectively for our antipodes(AUS), used to this manner of driving.

Wallpaper Porsche Gemballa Orange Evo GTR 650 Avalanche:



Do you like this orange avalanche - Porsche Gemballa Orange Evo GTR 650 Avalanche?

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