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Porsche Tuning Porsche 997 TechArt Tuning Porsche Tuning

Porsche 997 TechArt Tuning

TechArt offers a broad tuning program along with an introduction of the newest series of 997 Porsche 911 Carrera. The German TechArt sells tuning for both types of 6-cylinders in Carerra and Carrera S in coupe and convertible versions. New bodykits from TechArt includes a sporting filter and newly programmed engine’s electronics. The kits are prepared for the engines 3.6 liters and 3.8 liters. After their installation the car has 20hp+.

The car’s attributes are improved according to used tires and weight. Its acceleration was improved about a half-second, from 4.8 sec to 4.3 seconds. The maximum speed is now 290 km/h. This is also possible thanks to the sporting exhaust available in few variations. TechArt offers superior and quality wheels. 235/30-20“ and 305/25-30“ ContiSportContact 2V max tires are booted on the elegant, sporting 5-spoked alloy rims. Sporting springs decrease the car’s ground clearance for about 30mm. The suspension with TechArt Vario (made in cooperation with Bilstein) shock-absorbers improves overall stability on the road. Brakes have 8-piston calipers and brake discs have 365mm or 380mm diameter.

The look of the original version is excellent, but TechArt made some improvements. The designers and tuners from TechArt has prepared a very nice sporting-aerodynamics kit for this beast meeting competition in Stuttgart Area (Porsche’s birthplace). The front spoiler lures with sporting passion and aggressively; side sills are very decent. TechArt developed also a diffuser for the 997 models that broaden the rear part of the car and offers a place for two rounded exhaust tips. The interior, as we used, is luxurious and TechArt can do changes meeting the customer’s requirements. It offers a wide scale of colors and various proposals.

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