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RUF Cayman – RK Coupé Studio Torino !

At this time of last year German sports car manufacturer RUF introduced the newie RUF Caymann. It’s evident that it’s similar to Boxter model, although it was developed in own way. In model range, Cayman is lower than legendary Porsche 911 also in case of price, of course. Transferred meaning – it’s Porsche for public?.

Italian tuning magicians from Studio Torino had taken this model of RUF Cayman and created RK Coupé as the result. An inspiration during creation was model Porsche 904, which is self-evident by side-view. A shape of rear window evokes another legendary model – Dino 246 GT. Just for information, only one stock part is original RUF Cayman –a front left mudguard.

Modified RUF Cayman

RUF Cayman RK Coupe Studio Torino
This automobile combines exclusivity with a sporty aggressiveness and creates the symphony of motion. It’s unique from every side. For example a special paint – it consists of 14 layers of paint, pigments and in the end heavy resistant layer of transparent paint. Final effect lashes man‘s most powerful emotions.
A front part has new headlights with an improved optics. Vulturous face is a warning for everyone on the road. Also engine area is slightly modified.

From the front part to the side lines. Guys from Studio Torino removed side window behind the B-post to approximate a model Porsche 904 feeling. Thanks to this car have now new look.

Doorsteps are now more massive. In their rear part continuously connected with rear mudguards, there is opening for better rear brakes cooling. New rear-mirrors are also here. The dominants of side-view are wheel discs Toora in 19“ size. They put on Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tires, 235/35 R19 in the front and 275/35 R19 in the back.

I think that prettiest changes were made in the rear part. Stock back-up lights was replaced by new, smaller and harmonize with bran new rear bumper. Unlike stock one, new has one big opening extended from one side to opposite. Completely changed rear hood is high-light of whole project.

RUF Cayman Performance

RUF Cayman tuning car
But this jewel isn’t only about a design. Studio Torino was cooperating with German company RUF that made some engine modifications. Potential customer can choose from two drive units. They’re identical, only in one exception – one is turbocharged.

6-cylinders 3,8l Boxer engine is enriched with special package including centrifugal compressor with planetary gearbox, works with pressure of 0,7 bar. Other modified parts: fuel injectors, catalyzer, ECU, cooling system with two intermediate coolers and stronger pump.
Thanks to these innovations, this newie has maximum output of 325kW (435 PS) and torque is 470 Nm in 5000 rpm. 1365 kg heavy car has top speed 304 km/h and 0-100 km/h acceleration is done in 4,3 seconds.

Safety of this bully is provided with special designed Bilstein suspension which includes for example an electronic adjustable shock-absorbers. If horses go wild, Brembo brakes will stop them. Brake wheels have dimensions 350x34 in the front axle and 299x24 in the rear axle.

It is significant, that this modified model is far, far away from stock RUF Cayman. It’s unique and special. Exclusivity and uniqueness is affirmed with the fact, that creator will make only 49 pieces!!! You haven’t got much time to order, because majority is already sold. The price is "only" 245 000 USD.

RUF Cayman RK coupé Studio Torino:



Wallpaper of RUF Cayman RK coupé Studio Torino:



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