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Logo Renault Renault Nepta Concept - the luxurious ship for four Logo Renault

Renault Nepta Concept - the luxurious ship for four

The word “concept“ knows everyone of us (we hope so). Not yet produced cars, overstocked with up-to-date technologies and with perfect design. Now every car manufacturer has its own representative in this field. No mater if it’s the fastest study, legend reborn or road formula – they have common attribute and it’s a design. The concepts are top in the world of design. As well they include the best performance technologies that always differ. There are many concepts, but it’s time to show something new, never seen before. A surprise is that today’s concept is made by Renault. Yes, Renault, he car manufacturer with series of bad luck, doesn’t hang in comes with something to make breakthrough. We would like to present you today’s concept by RenaultNepta.


Renault history
Nowadays we are used to see many vehicles of this car manufacturer on the roads. These cars can be called “universal“, because everyone can find what he needs. If it’s a family estate, sporting coupe, limousine, delivery truck or family van – everything is in their portfolio. But how it started?

The history of Renault begun in winter 1898 when co-founders Louis and Marcel Renault started to work on their first automobile – a light 4-wheels vehicle with a single-cylinder engine De Dion Bouton. It was an era when all manufacturers used a chain to transfer power to the rear wheels. Louis Renault was foreseeing and he used a cone clutch to transfer torque with the three-speed transmission and transmission shaft to the rear axle with differential. Hats off, Mr. Renault! Of course he patented this system.

One of the most famous models was R4 CV produced in 1947-1961. Another famous car was R16 from 1965 that introduced a 5-door bodywork – hatchback. In 1996 this state-owned enterprise was transferred to the private enterprise.


There is no question that this new concept wants to attract the attention of all enthusiasts. But I’m not surprised when I’m looking at this masterpiece.

Renault Nepta
Renault has introduced its new study in the form of 4-seater convertible. The pontoon body has 4995 mm and the most interesting on it is its layout of the rear and front part. As we can see, the front part is much shorter than the rear part and this radically influences whole appearance.

The distinctive front part is proud of modern LED headlamps by Valeo. They’re made from three parts. The first part is traditional combination of full and low beams, the second includes low-beams and the third is blinkers that look like they’re placed out of the main lamps. And that’s not all; light beams come through precious crystals that are fluently adjusted during the drive by tilting mechanism to adjust to the circumstances. The whole design is very unique. It’s the fusion of usefulness (front grille in the bottom of the bumper) and stylish (shapes of the hood and the central aluminum line).

The design of rearview mirrors is unique too, because they’re installed in plastic cover and look like dangling out upside down. Definitely like street lighting.

I think you’ve already noticed smooth lines of side selection of body. The doors are top of the milk. It’s wing doors that have 3760mm (!) and after opening they show a part of engine in the front and trunk in the back. . The doors are used by all passengers, no mater if they’re on front or rear seats. The rear part is characteristic with its simplicity and attractiveness.

Main features are perfectly rounded shapes of the rear part that are combined with distinctive, sinful style. The lower part includes a pair of elongated exhaust tips that are something like a terminal depot for exhausts produced by very powerful engine placed in the front. Also we can find here the tail lamps with LED technology.


At first sight you can see that this ride has very big wheels. Their dimensions are 23“ and they’re booted in Michelin tires PAX 275-710 R 750 EOLUS with a new technology. It’s the asymmetrical tire-tread pattern that has great maneuverability and is up to standard of aerodynamics.

But what’s under the hood? Because we are used to see many interesting works in the case of concepts. In this case it’s the lengthwise 3.5 liter V6 engine that has also two turbo to help it. Thanks to this boost the engine produces very nice 420 hp (309 kW) and 560 Nm of torque available at 3000 rpm. Thanks to this configuration only 4.9 seconds is needed to achieve 100 km/h. The power is transferred by the comfortable 7-speed automatic transmission with sequence shifting on the steering-wheel.

Pictures of Renault Nepta:



Interior of Renault Nepta Concept

Renault Nepta
The fresh „retro-futuristic“ interior offers top comfort for four passengers ion the built-in separated seats. The interior is perfectly in tune in white, red, gray and aluminum colors on the leather, plastics, gauges. Modern elements in the old-school style – that’s the interior of the concept.

Every passenger can individually adjust convenient climate conditions on its place. Between the front and rear seats the glass deflector is installed to prevent air turbulences during the drive. The front seas are fixed on to the floor and your comfort can be set up with shifting of the steering-wheel and pedals. You can’t find here any shift lever; it has been replaced with a turning knob on the central console. The knob cooperates with other technologies in the car like a LCD displays of on-board DVD system placed on the rear side of the front seats.

Wallpaper of Renault Nepta Concept car



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