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logo mercedes Rieger Mercedes-Benz SLK – something under the Christmas tree logo mercedes

Rieger Mercedes-Benz SLK – something under the Christmas tree

Christmas will be soon here. A typical ugly autumn weather and overcrowded supermarkets are characteristic for this season. Christmas trees, Santa Claus, reindeers, snow – these are symbols of the best part of the year. Today we’d like to show you something for your holiday by the famous Rieger with its beautiful and luxurious Mercedes-Benz SLK.

Mercedes-Benz SLK continues in the legacy of smaller luxurious sport convertibles that started in 1954 with the model 190 SL (W121). I think you know this SL and it was very successful. Why not, it has not only unique design, but also handling far better then other cars in that age. 14.5 seconds to 100kmph was something unbelievable in that time for any car. They built 25 881 SL vehicles since May 1955 till February 1963. But Mercedes redeemed this legend in 1996 in Turin when introduced the SLK model (R170). It was face-lifted four years later and the newest model is available since 2004.

Design of the newest model is inspirited with features of Formula 1 racing vehicles. That reveals its sporting and elegant character.

Beautifully shaped curves as the excessive top of the front part, wing profiles in the mask and double exhaust tips definitely assign the SLK to the sporting family. Double exhaust

Thanks to the long-time research of aerodynamics; the Mercedes SLK has the lowest coefficient among all convertibles.

An ordinary, not interested man could say that the car is almost perfect and there’s nothing to be improved. But tuners like us know what’s good. And Rieger knows it too.

Rieger remade the big bear to a little chicken. No, it’s not a child toy, its strong characteristic remains and we can play with the very aggressive chicken.

Rieger started with a front bumper. It’s connected with a front mask. Front maskTo change the whole look; Rieger changed the front hood too. Also the front mask isn’t divided to two parts, but it belongs to the front bumper.

But something is missing in the front. Yes, there’s no three-spoke star on the edge, the logo of Mercedes-Benz. There’s only a big chromed circle with the logo on the front mask. You can obtain also a circle without this Mercedes Benz logo. There are quite big eyebrows on the front lights in same color as the body. I think that’s all about the front.

Mercedes-Benz SLK Rieger Tuning on the parade:



We can see massive Rieger-style side sill from the side view. But generally, there’s nothing special on the side. big But many important things happened at the back. Rieger added a lower part to the SLK’s decent bumper. bottom It’s typical for its two wide openings with a massive double exhaust tip on the left. There’s also a decent rear spoiler on the trunk.

Rieger offers more rims to choose. There are mostly chromed ones. Right these are great match for luxurious Mercedes cars. So for this bodykit you can choose from these models: ASA ZT1 CHROM 8,5Jx19 ET 30 + 10mm distance washers and 235/35 19“ tires or 10,5Jx19 ET 25 + 3mm washers and 265/30 19“ tires chrome discs

You can see these buffed rims on the attached pictures: WRD MESH II 0Jx19 ET 24 and 10,5Jx19 ET 26 or also another alloys called BROCK B12 in size of 8,5Jx18 ET 35 and 9,5Jx18 ET 30

And the final surprise is doors. Every chicken has wings, so also has our – LSD vertical doors. LSD vertical doors And why I’m calling this bear a chicken? I’m not weird, but it’s all about the bright yellow color used on the body. But it looks nice. At least you’ll be always noticed on the road.

Wallpaper Mercedes-Benz SLK Rieger Tuning:



Do you like this "Yellow chicken" Mercedes-Benz SLK Rieger Tuning?

Author: TuningMag.net

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