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Seat Leon FR - car tuning by Je Design

Today’s automotive industry is full of stock sporting products. Top car manufacturers know about the worldwide demand for fast vehicles and at least one model from their production is sporting. Need examples? For example Seat Leon, it’s a cultish car that for many people is synonym for the word „sport“. Maybe this is reason why Seat has also introduced not only common models, but also a sporting variation that looks great and has maximum sporting potential. It’s called Cupra R and it has already won hearts of many customers. But Seat continues in this way and the second episode is a new Seat Leon FR. This model has dynamic and robust shapes that are very distinctive, no mater if we’re talking about the ordinary or sporting model. This car isn’t on the market for very long time, but it has already ingratiated. German tuners from JE Design aware of the popularity and they’ve decided to create a really amazing modification for current and future owners.


Elegant lines, sporting accent in combination with utility coupe - so maybe these words can characterize the new Leon. Stylish 5-door design attracts everybody and the most typical symbol is its uniqueness. This ride can be used everywhere where you want and your reward will be maximum satisfaction and driving experience. Adrenaline in your blood will be circulating in your veins for a long time.

All these feeling are enhanced with the power struggling through an exhaust system. To be specific, the car manufacturer offers five engines and three of them are petrol power plants. The most powerful beast is a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder Turbo FSI engine producing 200 hp (147 kW) and 270 Nm of torque.


Maybe you’ve already noticed that the German tuning company JE Design is focused on Seat production. Also today they’ve locked on the Spanish target called Leon. They’ve prepared not only visual, but also performance changes.

Je Design Seat Leon FR 1P Tuning

Everything begins in the front bumper that is very different from the stock one. Its advantage is the arrangement of three similar shaped openings. The elongated central opening supplies engine cooler with cool air and the side ones supply front brakes. Their similar lines look amazing and jazzy.
Bottom part of the bumper includes also a pair of wings with integrated openings that enhance whole sporting image of the ride. The front mask has no badge and all openings are filled with a black furious grill that contrasts with yellow paintworks.

In addition there are eyebrows of front headlamps. I think that this job couldn’t be done better.

It’s no secret that this model is noted for clear and rounded lines. This style has also new side sills and sill extensions. Smooth and oval lines are prior of these plastics. Besides, in the sill’s rear part, there are openings to air-intake to the rear brakes. Yes, the sills are definitely masterpieces. Don’t forget about chromed doorknobs that are quite fancy.

The high spots of this modification are the ride’s doors. Yes, you’re right, this beast can be proud of wing doors, also known as LSD. Great move of the company!

JE Design don’t want to take its cars to extreme, so also in this case it haven’t replaced the rear bumper for new one, but it has been additionally modified. There is a new diffuser for four chromed rounded exhaust tips (90mm diameter) and also we can see new side wings with integrated openings. In this case they’re used to dissipate heat from the rear brakes. Chromed elements are used here too, in the form of chromed molding on lower edge of the trunk.


JE Design haven‘t all eggs in one basket and as result better engines is there. First engine is a 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine producing now very nice 193 hp (142 kW). This engine in stock version produces 170 hp (125 kW). Its torque is now beautiful 410 Nm. These improvements mean better parameters – top speed is 224 km/h (former 218 km/h) and 100 km/h can be reached in 7.6 seconds, 0.6 seconds better than in the case of stock version.

Je Design Seat Leon FR 1P Tuning
The upgrade is also available for petrol friends. As we said before, the 2.0 liter TurboFSI engine produces 200 hp (147 kW), but after some improvements, it has 244 hp (180 kW) and the torque is now 355 Nm what is more than 80 Nm. So with this beast you can drive at 235 km/h and beat 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. This car has a real potential, but JE Design makes it hotter and spicier.

But the tuning isn’t only about speed and acceleration. You need to think about driver’s safety.

So JE Design has chosen more robust and powerful front disc brakes with 330 mm in a diameter and four-piston brake calipers.

There’s also a new sporting suspension that lowers ride by 35 - 65 mm and improves stability in turns and overall handling properties. The last speech belongs to wheels. Chromed 19“ 16-spoked Multispoke rims (available also as 17“ and 18“) are booted into the Yamaha 225/35 R 19 Y tires.

JE Design proves again that it‘s the master of tuning.

Pictures of modified car Seat Leon FR 1P by tuning company JE Design:



Wallpaper Seat Leon FR JE Design



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