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Königseder and its creation on a tiny SMART Forfour car!


The mark SMART was first time introduced to he public in the Frankfurt motorshow 1997. It’s common product of the car manufacturer Daimler-Benz and the watch company SWATCH. It was the answer to BMW’s activities including little sports car Mini.

SMART has started its production with a micro car, only 2,5m long. Despite of early concerns, these cars achieved big sympathies. Now it’s producing 3 basic types of cars with 26 models and a lot of extra pay features.

The youngest member of family SMART is a model called Forfour. Also a name suggests that this car is built for four passengers. With its length 3752 mm is no more micro car.

The one of advantages is an adjustable rear seat bench in 150mm range. This is very good for taller people that can find a place for their longer legs. Quality of used materials and its manufacturing is excellent and can be compared to the luxury models of concern partner Mercedes.

Smart Forfour Tuning by Königseder.

Smart Forfouer
The model of Smart Forfour is the keystone for worldwide lesser-known modifier – Königseder tuning company. It created a collection of aerodynamic acessories, which in cooperation with typical „SMART-ish“ two-color paint are like the work of art.

The set consists of a front panel – a slightly modified stock bumper, a sporting front grill and a hood. And about the hood -you can see two holes on the first sight. But they aren’t here only for fun, they assists in cooling and ventilating the engine area.

Also their design is creating more aggressive look of front part of the car. A high-spot of the hood is its opening. It’s vice-versa compared to the stock model.

The line of body sills continues in wide stock undershields. Big openings on body sills are dominant and they are on 3 of sill‘s area. Thanks to them, the air cooling of brakes is now more efficient.

Bottom part is simply untouched. Only one change is here compared to the stock model – sporting exhaust tip.

Königseder Smart Forfour:



Smart Forfour
This jewel is rolling on wheel disks Hijoin H-221 with respectable size of 8x18 and with 225/35 R18 tires.

The color of disks is black with thin orange line around the disk, corresponds with orange line around whole car.

The OHC engine has 4-cylinders with 16 vents. Engine displacement is 1499 cm3 and highest output 80kW is achieved in 6000rpm. Smart has front wheel drive connected with engine by 5 speed manual gearbox.

These parameters allows some decent sporty driving. 0-100kmph acceleration is 9,8s and top speed is around 190 kmph. Fuel economy is good 6,6l per 100 km.

Königseder makes modifications not only for this model but also for older SMART cars and cars of other manufacturers. It’s not newbie on the tuning scene as we can see on the photos around. It proves that decent modifications can make the jewel from a stock car.

Other Königseder tuning works:



What is your opinion on this tuning of Smart Forfour?

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