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Trabant Tuning Trabant 601 Xtreme Tuning Trabant Tuning

Trabant 601 Xtreme Tuning

So today we have another Trabant tuning from Germany. I can’t predict if in the future we’ll drive a successor of this retro, like Beatle or Mini have. But for its fans, Trabant is still alive and this can be proved by this masterpiece from Germany. The first idea of its owner was racing so it got done a perfect engine with bigger volume of 900cu.cm. The engine has special modification of heads of cylinders, crank and pistons. Thanks to racing sparking plugs NGK and buffed carburetor by FZ, this engine produces 60hp. It doesn’t seem too much, but Trabant can reach 185kmph!

Everyone who drove or sat as a passenger in Trabant knows that the ride with this beast is something specific and it doesn’t need any additional comment. But meanwhile the owner realized that racing car needed more and more Money so he decided to rebuild its machine to a fancy show car to make some parade on the move. Its chassis was modified heavily – its pillars are shorter about 70mm (top chopping). Windows and fenders are made individually. Front clear headlamps came from VW Golf and rearview mirrors from motorbike. The killing performance needs a bunch of safety so the car has a roll cage, Jamex leather sporting seats and 30cm wide Raid steering-wheel. Koni is a producer of shock-absorbers allowing quite big deflection of wheels so thanks to this the car looks like a duck but handling is far better. ATS alloy rims has 13“ and in front they have 7“ of width and actually 8“ at the back. They wear 175/50 R13 tires.

The owner of this Trabi – Thomas hasn’t tried to obtain a permission to drive this little one on the ordinary roads by TÜV (Technischer Ü berwachungs-Verein) yet, but he’s going to do it in the near future. So, good luck!

Trabant 601 Tuning:



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Author: TuningMag.net

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