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Trabant Tuning Trabant Optik P50 Tuning Trabant Tuning

Trabant Optik P50 Tuning

A grey mouse? Absolutely not!

We’ve recently obtained a few pictures of little box called Trabant. This vehicle is very popular among tuners because of its very good price in the past, good fuel economy and tiny dimensions, so it can be parked everywhere. It has survived till today. Thanks to its bakelite body, small wheels and especially smoky two-stroke engine the car has low consumption and it can reach steady 90kmph?. Because of the engine was weak and its sound wasn’t very sporty, it’s called „ a furious vacuum cleaner“(just look at its front mask and hear the exhaust system ;-).

Trabant Optik P50
But let’s take a look at this grey handsome that can’t be blamed. This box stands on fancy 15“ rims. The body (especially at the back) was broadened because of wider tires so the fenders were pulled too. The roof is lowered to achieve the Top Chop modification. But now it’s smooth, looks really rounded and this means better aerodynamics of the car. Clear headlights and blinkers match perfectly.

Its interior is heavily modified and it’s noticeable that some parts come from other brands such as AUDI. But it looks superb. Who’ve ever think that Trabant will have a luxurious leather interior in brown-red colors, or aluminum gauges that improve overall visual effect and driving experience of its passengers.

But it’s only for two passengers, because there are no rear seats. Now there’s a roll cage to protect the passengers in the case of accident. The roll cage continues to front part of the cabin.

0-100kmph takes only 6 seconds and the top speed is 228kmph? Is it a bird, or is it a plane? No! It’s the Trabant P50 from the year 1959!

Sascha Fiß – a German tuner is a big fan of Trabants, but it’s not very popular on Trabant’s shows. Because it betrayed the idea of two-stroke two-cylinder engine. It mounted the body of Trabant on the complete chassis and slightly modified carcass of Volkswagen Lupo GTi. The Trabant’s body had been modified with laminate, broadened and lowered the roof. This style was born in the USA and it’s commonly known as the „top chop“.

Trabant Optik P50
But now, let’s get to the mot important part of this super Trabant. Under the hood we can see a VW engine! Its perfect placement of important parts as central cooler, containers, tubes proves that a really good craftsmanship was made there. 70-80hp in a 1.4 liter engine can allow to „fly“ at 170-180kmph! And this can compete with modern cars and 1.6 liter engines. Truckers can laugh when they see this car in their rearview mirror, but than they can be really surprised if it pass them in high speed.

The 16V 1.6 liter engine produces 125hp. The stainless exhausts system is made individually, includes two lambda probes and tow sporting catalyzers so it meets the EURO 2 requirements. The body has no former decoration and now it has fancy details such as an aluminum cap from a motorbike, or front Mini blinkers. The stylish teardrop door mirros can’t miss there. The headlights have clear optics and bi-xenon lamps behind them. The color comes from Audi TT’s catalogue.

But it has more common with the TT than you think. So what do you say about the dashboard? It also comes from the TT and we’ve seen it in everything, but not in Trabant yet. And what about the Recaro seats with a so-called baseball trim? And this everything with door leather upholstery.

Excellent! In case of the roll cage we don’t know if it’s for safety or only for the image. But it looks very good. Instruments in the dashboard have origin in the Lupo GTi and have blue illumination. Of course we can find sporting shock-absorbers and OZ Superturismo alloy rims with dimensions 7x15 and 195/45 R15 tires.

By the way, don’t you have some old crap on your yard?

Photos of Trabant P50 Optik Tuning:



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