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Volkswagen sirocco
Volkswagen sirocco

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Seat ibiza inferno

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Pontiac solstice CC

Logo VW 1964 Volkswagen Deluxe Microbus Chameleon! Logo VW

1964 Volkswagen Deluxe Microbus Chameleon!

There are many cars in the world that have been respected since their creation and that are respected till now. It is in the first place because of their design and wide range of usage possibilities. Moreover, they have customers’ comfort and popularity among young people – and the glory is guaranteed. Almost everyone can imagine the America’s era of sixties and seventies. Time of flowers, love and peaceableness. No doubt the world Volkswagen does belong to this era. Of course subsidiary of this German car company was (and still is) located in USA. Therefore it’s no surprise that maybe the most popular automobile in the world came very soon – VW Beetle. In the country of car-jewels have always lived people that like to enjoy themselves on the waves of sea rather than lazing about at home. They are West Coast surfers. In those times, they needed a car to store all their little pots and stuff and set out on the trip with all their friends. The VW’s reaction to this was Microbus that became famous all around the world. It was the year of 1964. But now, it’s 2006 with new technologies. Maybe you already sniff what I am talking about. Let us introduce to you VW Deluxe Microbus Chameleon with electrical guts.


Volkswagen KDF
The cars of car make Volkswagen has to be familiar to every little kiddy ;-). We meet these cars on road every day. They provide exactly what an average citizen, caring father or speed-lover can expect of his car. It all started in 1938, when the construction of production factory in Wolfsburg began. First VW automobile - model Volkswagen KDF – was made in 1939, but first prototypes were since 1932. During the war a vehicle named Kübelwagen and amphibian called Schwimmwagen. After the war, the manufacturing of well-known and popular Beetle (invented by Ferdinand Porsche before the war) was initiated. Till half seventies VW company produced vehicles with air-cooled engines positioned in the rear part. Then with models Golf, Polo, Passat, the company switched to front drive. Today, VW is one of the biggest and most important car producers with assembly lines in Brazil (since 1953), USA, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Slovakia etc. The WV concern includes brands Audi, Seat, Škoda and next.


Volkswagen Minibus Chameleon
What can be more useful for a trip than a spacious van? Imagine – beach, sun, friends, good mood and hundreds of kilometers in front of you. The feeling of ease is even multiplied by 21 windows and separate sliding sunroofs which made this car so popular. In VW, they knew what they are doing when they were creating this model.

In the first place VW wanted to capture young people, that they knew this kind of car would be suitable for, and particularly in the era of Hippies. It has to be said that they scored a bull’s eye and this car became world-famous and popular. It is not by accident, that we can see this microbus also these days.

The drive was secured by air-cooled four-cylinder with volume of 1.3 liter, stored above the rear axle. It provided adequate power of 50 horse powers (37 kW) with the aid of manual four-speed transmission.

It was popular also due to good designed interior, which was large enough, which was really relevant. And just because of this interior it was object of this exceptional modification.


Volkswagen Minibus Chameleon
It is all work of company Volkswagen of America, which created really extraordinary concept based on mentioned ’64 VW Microbus.

It is nice, that people put their mind to these old and popular cars, but only a few people would get an idea to revive this old classic in this way.

All this return to classic was made under the label “Hidden Technologies”. People from Electronics research laboratory (ERL) have hands in this. They crammed this stylishly innovated microbus with the most modern technological components of sound reproduction, voice control, sensors, multifunctional displays, navigation, lighting, batteries, solar panels and much more.

Inside the car we can find interactive digital devices, capacitive contact sensors, digitally adjusted sound, voice–remote controls. Furthermore, the car is equipped with power closing system and wide-angle parking camera connected to multifunctional display located behind the steering wheel.

Volkswagen Minibus Chameleon
As I have mentioned at the beginning, this car was chosen for reconstruction, because of its perfectly spacious interior. Well, where would they squeeze all this stuff?

But that’s not all. The engine was also affected. The original was removed and replaced by pure electromotor with Li-Pol batteries. Engine was provided by Hybrid Technologies.

Since this is a Californian version of Microbus, which has surfboards on top, people from ERI made use of this – solar panels as a complementary energy source.

The aim was to create 100% electric car, which could be a ”living“ example of future automobile electronics at work. Premiere of this adjusted car was on 22nd September in Boston.

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