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Volkswagen sirocco
Volkswagen sirocco

Seat ibiza inferno
Seat ibiza inferno

Pontiac solstice CC
Pontiac solstice CC



We have already convinced ourselves for many times, that when we are talking about car tuning or serial cars modification, tuning companies don’t know any boundaries. It doesn’t matter, whether it is van, SUV or coupe car, everything could be modified in the way, as the customer wishes. Output increasing? Larger wheels? A complete body-kit? No problem! It is only up to the customer’s fantasy, how he imagines his car in the final version. There is a great number of tuning companies dealing with the car tuning nowadays and every company specializes in other field of the motor-world. But at the same time we can find also a company which will take a complete care of your car. From the car chassis up to the rear lights. Today, we are presenting you a German tuning company JE Design and its three new findings in the look of stylish Volkswagen Eos cabriolet, ravening Seat Ibiza and handsome Seat Alhambra family van.


Year 2005, Frankfurt. A new member of Volkswagen family, sporting cabriolet marked Eos, emerged right here. Roadster with a compact roof, this is exactly what is required by the massive majority of cabriolet fans. VW backed of cars. VW knew that there is a tuning mania in our world nowadays, and therefore it was particular about the design of this Volkswagen. Wheels, front mask and lines of the bodywork. These are the unmistakable features of the fact, that this is really a stylish cabriolet with sporty elements. If you want to excel in the summer, reach for the Volkswagen Eos.

VW has prepared three engines for this cabriolet, with the most powerful 3.2 liter V6 engine with output of 250 horsepower (184 kW)! That’s great. What is more, 6-speed DSG transmission takes care of shifting. VW could brag of such configuration.

In the basic “pocket” there are elements as for example: back-up lights with LED technology, 17-inch LE MANS wheels, 3-spoke leather steering wheel, sporty seats, etc.


Je Design EOS
Maybe everybody knows the style of modification done by JE Design. We can look forward to seeing extremely defiant modification for one time, or it astonishes us with a retiring character for another time. Nothing has been changed also in this case and the second mentioned style of modification has been used here too.

JE Design has prepared a package for VW Eos, which contains 19-inch “Multispoke” wheels mounted into low-profile tires with dimensions 235/35 R19. Add also sporty absorbers and JE Design springs, lowering this cabriolet by nice 25mm. Other heartwarming news is that JE Design Company is also preparing a set of spoilers for this model that is a complete body-kit containing the front lower spoiler, side skirts and the rear lower spoiler.

The package also includes the engine upgrade. It applies to the second engine from the serial set of engines, namely to 2.0 liter turbo FSI with serial output of respectable 200 hp (147 kW). After the JE Design upgrade, the output of the car will rise to “dangerous” 245 hp (180kW).

So, what do you say about it? A pleasant change all in all, don’t you think so? :-).

Volkswagen Eos modified by Je Design:




Seat Alhambra is a delightful family van, which has everything, what a real family car should have. It has a marvelous design, powerful engine and, what is important, a huge capacity. This is exactly what is awaited from a decent van. And Seat Alhambra proves this rule.

Seat Car Company offered three gasoline and four diesel engines at choice for this model. The most powerful gasoline engine is 2.8-litre 6-cylinder, 4 MOTION all wheel drive with output of 204 hp (150 kW). The output of diesel engines is also imposing. The most powerful is 1.9 TDI with output of 130 hp (96 kW). I think that the offer is very interesting.


Je Design Alhambra
JE Design also in this case has prepared a “package” including wheels, car chassis and chip-tuning. Also this time there are prepared “Multispoke” 18-inch wheels mounted into low-profile tires with dimensions 235/40 R18. We must not forget on the sporty JE Design car chassis in the look of absorbers and springs. Seat Alhambra with these complements achieves a scarce ravening design, what is very important in case of vans.

The engine upgrade or the output increasing seems to be even more interesting. It applies to the serial 2.0 litre TDI with output of 140 hp (103 kW). After the upgrade the engine will produce a maximum output of 176 horsepower (130 kW).

And your way to holiday will be faster and safer :-).

Seat Alhambra tuning by Je Design photogallery:




Everybody surely knows the car labeled Seat Ibiza. A connection of beauty, power and comfort, this is hidden in this Seat. We talk about the car, which has become very popular first of all among tuning fans, but also among others. It ingratiated itself by its stylish and sporty design, which is suitable for tuning modifications. Do you want style? Choose the Reference or Stylance models. Do you want power? Choose between Sport, FR and Cupra models. Seat Ibiza has undoubtedly in any model equipment strong features of the sporty individual. This is one of the reasons why is Ibiza so famous and popular in the motorcar world.

Also the engine offer reflects the sporty spirit of this beauty. You can choose from six gasoline engines and five diesel engines. The most powerful gasoline engine, installed into Cupra, is 1.8 20V Turbo with output of 180 hp (132 kW). 1.8 TDI with output of 160 hp (118 kW) dominates between diesel engines. It really makes sense to look at such configurations.


Guys from JE Design know very well, how beautiful this Ibiza is and therefore they have prepared a really splendid modification for it. It contains a complete body-kit together with wheels, sporty car chassis and engine upgrade.

Je Design Ibiza
Everything has begun at the front, where a lower spoiler was joined to the serial front bumper. It is divided into five openings, which continuously go together with the curves of the front bumper. Mostly they work as a décor, but they markedly underline the ravine of the very modification and the car as well.

All openings in the serial bumper are filled with black lattice. The headlight lens caps in the color of bodywork are very expressive. It makes an impression of a very dangerous design. In this combination the front part of the car got a definite chic what is required from sporty cars.

The next out of the tuned car complements were the side skirts. They have more retiring touch, but, at the same time, they aren’t less ravenous than other tuning accessories of the whole body-kit. In their rear part there is an opening which allow cold air flow into the rear brake disc system. Of course, it is filled with black metal.

As far as the rear part is concerned, the designers spent much more time on it than by other parts of the car. The rear bumper has been modified and analogous to the front bumper it has a new lower spoiler as well. Apart from the marvelous design there is another interesting thing on it – tailpipes, namely one pair of round exhaust system endings which are located in the middle of the spoiler. This is an unmistakable feature of the fact that this is really a sporty modification.

Back-up lights have been also modified, to be more concrete, there have been installed decks with round openings for the direction indicators, stop light etc. The most interesting complement is a pair of sporty wings. The first wing together with the third stop light is set at the end of the roof, and the second one in color of the bodywork or of carbon, is set on the rear bonnet. It is designed with a great touch of sportiness.

This body-kit in combination with sporty car chassis and 19-inch “Multispoke” wheels mounted into low-profile tires is a nice example of how could a tuned compact car look like. But take due note of the fact, that this is no extreme, but vice versa, all with emotion and with courage.

As to make this modification brighter, there is also prepared the engine upgrade, to be more concrete, the serial 1.9 TDI with serial output of 130 hp (96 kW). After the upgrade this engine will produce a respectable output of 163 hp (120 kW).

Pictures of modified hatchback Seat Ibiza ´06 by Je Design:


Do you like this "trinity" of Je Design tunings?

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