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Volkswagen sirocco

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Tuning Volkswagen Caractere Volkswagen Eos Tuning Tuning Volkswagen

Caractere Volkswagen Eos Tuning

Volkswagen Eos Tuning
The Belgian company Caractere specialized in tuning of German brands, takes a beautiful convertible by Volkswagen called VW Eos. Eos comes from Greek mythology. Eos was a goddess of dawn that every morning left the sea and brought sunshine to her people. Also Volkswagen Eos brings the sunshine that white-out whole interior.

Also the stock version of VW Eos has nice sporting shapes, but still retiring and elegant. No doubt that this model is great, because also it has strong competitors – Peugeot 307CC, Renault Megane CC, Opel Astra TwinTop or Ford Focus CC.

VW Eos offers a nice range of engines, form 1.6 FSi with 85kW at 6000rpm to 3.6 litre V6 producing 184kW at 6400rpm. Wit this powerful engine it can reach 100kmph in 7.3 seconds and 247kmph. If you prefer fuel economy, you can choose less powerful 2.0 TDI turbocharged diesel aggregate producing 103kW.

So as we mentioned before, the design of Volkswagen’s Eos is excellent. But there are some people that want more – more individuality for someone who isn’t satisfied with stock design.

Volkswagen Eos Tuning
So this is the reason why Caracter takes Eos under their wings.

Eos has now a new front spoiler that radically changes the front part. In the best way, of course. Three big openings involve grids and fog lamps. There’s a new rear spoiler too. Potential customer can choose if he wants visible exhaust tips or not. It’s up to him.

There’s no bodykit without nice side sills connecting both spoiler’s lines of a car. Like both spoilers, also in this case, the side sills are decent and underline Eos’s sporting accent.

The highlight of the bodykit is the spoiler on the trunk. Once again it’s decent, but stylish.

Caractere’s warranty is for 5 years and that proves quality of used components. So dear owners of Eos; if you’re not content with the look of your baby, there is a chance for you to change it. It’s now available.

Caractere Volkswagen EOS Tuning:



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