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Volkswagen sirocco
Volkswagen sirocco

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Pontiac solstice CC

logo Volkswagen Jetta R GT, Passat R GT & Touareg R GT logo

Volkswagen Jetta R GT, Passat R GT & Touareg R GT

The biggest European concern – Volkswagen, presented on the prestigious car show SEMA 2005 in the USA its concept titled JETTA R GT. Do you want to know more about it? This concept will be discussed in this article.

Volkswagen Jetta in standard design:

Jetta is a typical German limousine which is delivered in three degrees of equipment:
  • Jetta Comfortline
  • Jetta Sportline
  • Jetta Trendline
By these equipment options we can also choose from a wide engine offer:

Gasoline engines:
  • 1,6 litre; four-cylinder; 75 kW (102 hp) at 5600 rpm; 148 Nm at 3800 rpm
  • 1,6 litre; four-cylinder; 85 kW (115 hp) at 6000 rpm; 155 Nm at 4000 rpm
  • 2,0 litre; four-cylinder; 110 kW (150 hp) at 6000 rpm; 200 Nm at 3500 rpm
  • 2,0 litre; four-cylinder; 147 kW (200 hp) at 5100 rpm; 280 Nm at 3000 rpm
Diesel engines:
  • 1,9 litre; four-cylinder; 77 kW (105 hp) at 4000 rpm; 250 Nm at 1900 rpm
  • 2,0 litre; four-cylinder; 103 kW (140 hp) at 4000 rpm; 320 Nm at 2000 rpm

Here you can see the stock model of Volkswagen Jetta:


“Tuned Volkswagen Jetta, well, what do you say about that? :

Performance: The producers put into the new Jetta a 2.5-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine, which produces an output of 410 kW, what is approximately 550 hp. 4 MOTION all wheel drive, or 4 x 4, makes it certainly possible to start fast and to carry all before one. As it could be assumed from the output performance, the torque will surely be worth as well. But, unfortunately, the producers and designers haven’t brought it into the open yet :-(

WRC Brembo brake system with internal cooling and with dimensions: 380 x 32-mm at the front discs with 8-piston callipers and 330 x 32-mm at the rear discs with 4-piston callipers were installed to help harness the forces unleashed by the twin-turbo V6. A KW FIA sports car chassis takes care of the clearance height control.

Exterior: This taupe beauty is a typical example of German car (speed, colour, robustness, design). The front bumper which is connected with the front grille (replete by black metal) contains two suckers, which allow the pressure air into the cooler and, of course, into the front disc brake system.

Elegant side-skirts and expanded splash-boards are matter of course. The rear bumper contains diffuser (prevents air turbulences), which includes unusually shaped endings of tuned “duplex” exhaust system at the sides. The fog lights, which are set directly above these endings, are formed to fit to them.

The front and rear lights remained in their standard variants and they are typical of Volkswagen Jetta. Vinyl (stamp), tinted glass, Avus wheels with dimensions 9,5 x 18-inch and atypically coloured Michelin Pilot Sport2 tires (265/30 R19) give the car a moderate sports design. But, if you want to race with this car, it is recommended to use Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires with dimensions 265/30 R18. You won’t have big troubles with lifting the car when changing tires, because there are installed pneumatic lifters on the car.

Volkswagen Jetta R GT pictures:



Interior: When we take a look into the car, we will see there:
  • Recaro sports seats
  • Sporty steering wheel of the same trademark
  • 4-point Schroth seat belts
  • 6-point integrated roll cage
  • ...
The whole interior is upholstered by three materials:
  • Black leather
  • Black Alcantara
  • Matte, black, carbon fibre
So, this is Jetta from the country of tuning, from Germany. But we could imagine it also in our garage, couldn’t we?

This “folk-rocket” is exquisite. Therefore, in conclusion, we take the liberty to prepare some “Volkswagen Jetta R GT” wallpaper, in other words, the background for your computer screen. We hope that it will beautify your desktop on your computer. If you don’t know, how to install such wallpaper on your computer screen, please feel free to contact us. It will be pleasure for us to help you.

Wallpaper Volkswagen Jetta R GT:



Because of the fact that the Volkswagen Company presented its models on the car show SEMA 2005, we cannot exclude Volkswagen Passat R GT and Volkswagen Touareg R GT. We are talking about the next serial of G RT, which should first of all make an impression on the tuner’s eye and heart. The cars are noted for the multimedia equipment for passengers, systems like iPod, or Playstation PSP, which is inbuilt into the backs of the front seats. These cars are mounted into the tires of prestigious Michelin trademark as well.

New Volkswagen Passat R GT and Volkswagen Touareg R GT:

Model: Volkswagen Passat R GT Volkswagen Touareg R GT
Engine: 3,2 litre V6, Twin - Turbo 3,2 litre V6, Twin - Turbo
Maximal output: 423 kW (575 hp) 368 kW (500 hp)
Torque: N/A N/A
Brakes: Brembo brake system with internal cooling and with dimensions: 365 mm Brembo brake system with internal cooling and with dimensions: 380 mm at the front discs and 330 mm at the rear discs
Wheels: 19" AVUS 22" AVUS
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 2 Michelin 295/30 R22

VW Passat R GT photos:
VW Touareg R GT photos:




What is your opinion on Volkswagen Jetta R GT?

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