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Volkswagen sirocco

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Volkswagen Polo 6N Tuning – the predator from workshops of Carline Tuning!

This news article is devoted to Volkswagen Polo, the German car modified by German company Carline Tuning. So let’s look more closely.

Volkswagen Polo 6n:

VW Polo 6n
VW Polo has graven in minds and hearts similarly as the famous Beetle, mostly between women. Maybe it’s caused by small dimensions that make no troubles during parking as in the case of bulky vehicles. Polo was sold in four equipment classes (Basic, Sportline, Comfortline and XXL) and in three bodywork types - Polo as a hatchback, Polo Classic as a saloon and Polo Variant as a wagon.

The basic engine is “very basic“ – 1.0 liter 4-cylinder with the maximum output of 36kW (50hp). The most famous engine from diesels is 64hp that was installed later.

Pros: quality bodywork with good internal space, high safety and comfort
Cons: low performance (basic 50hp engine), noisy engine at high rpm.

The modification of Volkswagen Polo by Carline Tuning:

Smaller cars are very popular in these days. And Carline Tuning knows it very well. So they has created a real predator from this compact car.

VW Polo 6n Tuning
At the sight of Polo you can notice the massive front grill that is connected with the bumper. Grids are made from same material as the bumper and that means more aesthetic and furious look. The new bumper allows big amounts o fair to flow to the cooler and brakes. Side sills matche with the rest of Polo, analogous to the rear bumper.

At the bottom you can see the diffuser with the exhaust tip of tuned exhaust system. There’s an elongated opening over the diffuser that dissipates heat from rear brakes. The place for license plate is at the upper.

Other modifications:
  • M3 sport wing mirrors instead of stock ones
  • No doorknobs and sideways pointers
  • Rear door smoothing
  • Aluminum fuel-tank cap
  • Very popular gull-wing doors known as LSD (Lambo Style Doors)

VW Polo 6N Tuning:



Carline Tuning alloy wheels

The company Carline Tuning is a manufacturer of untraditional alloy wheels CarLineWheels NW1 Felge. They are looking really styled and untraditional. Their surface is high-shining and they are really robust.

Alloy wheels CarLineWheels NW1 Felge


What is your opinion about modification of VW Polo 6N by Carline Tuning?

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