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Volkswagen Tiguan Concept Car

VW Tiguan
German Volkswagen stuns American public with its new conceptual model called Tiguan. The attractive vehicle with fascinating orange paintworks garnered significant attention last year at LA motor show and also at this year’s NAIAS in Detroit.

Despite of conceptual character; the compact crossover Tiguan hasn’t any real scout intentions. The German manufacturer doesn’t keep own counts and it would like to present its stock production by the year end.

This American tour is only something like a cross-stepping forward. And the proof of sophisticated marketing is a public inquiry in Germany where more than 300 000 readers of German automotive magazines have chosen the name Tiguan as the most suitable for this car.

A fancy design of Tiguan has some similarities with the Volkswagen Touareg model and it’s sometimes nicknamed „the little Touareg“. On this model we can clearly see VW’s intentions to capitalize the success of big SUV and transform it to the lower segment.

VW Tiguan
Tiguan with its dimensions (4400x1850x1690mm) should be a right solution of multipurpose vehicle with indubitable sporting and utility character that can successfully operate in the city‘s jungle.

The stylish and original rims are one of the characteristic symbols of this study. These 19“ 5-spoked beauties have a surface finishing in anthracite hue, same as the protecting hemming of sills and fenders.

The tires are exclusively made by Continental and their orange tire profile corresponds with the paintwork of chassis.

The orange color can be found also in the interior, but there are only leather seams and the orange tire stripe pattern integrated in the center seat panels.

The whole interior is black. in spite of the dark interior equipment lies not only in the interior design but in the transparent 1.34 meter long and 0.85 meter wide panoramic sunroof.

Under the Tiguan’s hood we can find a next generation diesel engine also referred to as the clean TDI. The engine has started a new offensive in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and Audi. These three reputable brands will offer very ecological diesel engines on the US market (under common brand BLUETEC) that produce 90% less of nitrogen oxides than current engines. Also their fuel economy is much better.

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