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Logo Volvo Volvo C30 tuned by American Evolve!!! Logo Volvo

Volvo C30 tuned by American Evolve!!!

Like it or not, the automobile development goes forward very fast. Nearly every day, we can hear the hottest news from this area. No matter if it concerns various concepts, studies or the newest tuning complements, the progress constantly goes on. It is not by accident, that companies which deal with car modifications are trying to catch not used studies, as for example Volvo C30. The motion power of these companies is particularly prestige and good reputation in tuning world. Let’s be honest – stakes are high. There are many tuning companies in the world that are worth our attention. Because what they do to the production cars is beyond the reception possibilities of sane mind. However, it is important to realize, that along all their courage, these tuners are improving their sense of perfection and – what is most important – the singularity. I did not mention Volvo C30 by accident. We are going to talk about this one. We are going to talk about it in connection with an American Volvo vehicle tuning company – Evolve, which has focused on this car make by one simple reason – they wanted to create something, which has no peer in this world. No need to doubt now, that they made it.


Volvo C30
Volvo C30. That is a study introduced at this year’s show in Paris, which has attract mainly young user’s attention. This Volvo shelters sport potential combined with luxurious interior and extravagant and in particular – unusual – design. C30, based on platform of previously introduced concept 3CC, is designed for young generation, which likes to enjoy life in boisterous way and lives hectic city life.

The smallest model in the section Volvo is despite its small proportions (length of 4,25m) spacious enough to carry four adult people. In combination with the most powerful of offered engines with volume of 2.5 liters, support of turbo and 220 hp performance, this car becomes a real unchained element. By Volvo Car Company we are used to high level of passive and active safety.

This case is no exception; the car is equipped with systems as for example Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS), Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) and BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), which assures that in blind spot of your rear mirror doesn’t “stay” any car.

Volvo Company is counting on 65000 pieces a year mostly for European market. In my opinion, this car is going to sell like hot cakes, because it has everything, that a (not just) young user can demand of his car. Heart-warming could be also the fact, that the tuning complements for this car are available even now?. See Evolve company.


Volvo C30 Evolve Tuning
I dare to say, that nobody expected so massive change of this car, that hasn’t been mass-produced yet. Guys from Evolve company, that are engaged purely with tuning of Volvo cars really showed themselves and made one of their best performances.

This project was introduced (together with other two: Sportiv & Burton Snowboards Volvo C30, ipd Volvo C30) to public at this year’s auto show in Paris. Evolve is one of three companies that was chosen to adjust this concept of Swedish car company. This is not everyday opportunity, and people in Evolve realized this very well.

They were also aware of youthful nature of this car, which has in addition unique design and really attractive. Therefore, they wanted preserve this singular style and to provide the car unforgettable striking sporting character at once. Not only in visual, but also in case of performance.

Simply – to bring race car to regular traffic.

Rebuilding of this unique concerned related to exterior and interior and performance aspects. But let’s go nice and slowly.


Colvo C30 Evolve Tuning Exterior
Exterior changes are at first sight not as strong as one could expect when talking about such a widespread rebuilding. However, they are all the more sophisticated. At the first glance one is attracted by expressive yellow paintwork BASF Glasurit Competition Yellow in combination with silver and black supplements. The next was exchange of the front bumper. It seems more like the bottom part of bumper was cut off and replaced with a new part. In fact, it is custom front Evolve company bumper in F1 style. Still when looking in profile, it is obvious, that new bumper is little longer. It looks very simply, but in fact it is very showy. Moreover, uncovered engine parts are amplify the predacious impression.

We are going to stay a while by the term “in profile”. By one simple reason: take a look at production C30 then look at the Evolve-tuned one. Nothing interesting? The car makes the impression, that it is actually only bodywork, without any wheel arcs and dark coves of chassis. It looks showy like the whole car.

Let’s move more to the rear. In the rear part, quite a few things happened. Firstly, the upper part of back hood was upgraded with fully adjustable roof sporting spoiler, which is used to regulate the airflow over the car.

Also the functional aspect of car was affected, more specifically by moving the fuel filler cap from right part of the car to the back part, on rear bumper. It was not intended just because of appearance, but also due to the extension or more precisely moving the rear fenders outwards by 15 centimeters on each side. Immediately, it changed the overall look of the car. Furthermore, the rear bumper was adjusted to the large diffuser using broader fender. Diffuser has to prevent the air from flowing under the car. You probably noticed, that there are no openings and no fishtails in bumper. That is because Evolve located two pairs of fishtails into the rear fenders nearby the rear headlights. That is to be appreciated.

What else to say. Evolve wanted to create full-value sporting look and preserve original magnificent designer lines at the same time, and we have to say they were successful.

Tuned Volvo C30 Evolve photogallery:




Volvo C30 Evolve Tuning Interior
A fair attention was paid also to the interior of this jewel – and not only in the visual way. Maybe the first thing to catch ones attention at first sight is steel six-point roll cage in chromic variant. In addition it is supplemented with stylish imitation of springs with Evolve logo.

Chromic color (the top of shifter, etc.) complemented with leather, black-yellow version of interior (sporting seats, wheel, etc.) with graphite tones is maximal enrichment of drive with this steed.

Additionally, the middle part of dashboard was equipped with Bluetooth mobile system and covered with transparent plastic cover.

In combination with audio system Alpine, which disposes with power of 650W – a man can not ask for more. The core of whole system is Alpine amplifier, which supplies 10 speakers Dynaudio with Dolby Pro Logic II Surround System.

Also in this case, guys from Evolve obeyed the slogan – decently, but aggressively at once – and created really splendid interior of one of the most unusual cars.


Volvo C30 Evolve Performance
We are getting to the point - performance aspect of the car. All of you probably know that production Volvo C30 flourish with 2.5-liter turbo engine with 220 horse powers. Fortunately, this wasn’t enough for Evolve tuners, so they embarked without mercy upon the adjusting of heart of the vehicle.

The first in line was the engine. It was presented with one extra turbo (brand Garret), sporting filter, attached new tuned up exhaust tract and boost management in connection with Turbosmart technique.

The reworked cooling system should not be omitted. It already works like Charged Air Cooler, but still with support of series cooling. It was also connected with reworking of piping. Now, the special supercooled aluminum pipelines and cooling hoses in cooperation with carbon covers are taking care of hot engine air.

Thanks to all these modifications the engine performance has increased to respectable 507 horse powers by 6100 rpm and torque has risen to the value of 468 Nm by 3800 rpm.

Besides, guys from Evolve have showed us, that they are the real “automobile clever-sticks“, because they reworked this car using front drive to AWD (all wheel drive). It is also worth saying that electronic control of AWD is executed by program of company Haldex of Sweden. If somebody had doubts, now is the time for him to take a think.

Volvo C30 Evolve
By this kind of reworking not only the highest performance is important. Also the safety of the crew is worth thinking about. The safety was achieved by installing of brackets under front hood and by completely rebuilt chassis. Chassis is distinctive with its double adjustment of front absorbers Koni, which cooperate with super power springs Eibach.

The perfect thing is, that after activating of AWD the frond shock-absorbers are automatically set depending upon the character of roadway, style of driving or even weight of load in car. Maybe it is needless to say, that this custom chassis also improves the look of car.

The alloy wheels and brakes deserve their own chapter. The car is driving on majestic two-part wheels with dimensions of 19 x 9 inches in front and enormous 19 x 14 inches in the rear. They are painted black and they are characteristic with the way of connection to the car axles, which we know from F1 that means single. These discs are booted in low-profile tires Pirelli Pzero Rosso with dimensions 256/30-19 in front and 355/25/19 in the rear. Evolve knows how to attract one’s interest.

The brake system is literally a masterpiece. After my first look at it I almost fell off the chair. Not only I was affected by double air-cooled brake wheels with 386 mm with engraved Evolve logo, but moreover, 14-piston brake calipers which (to fit) encircle exactly half of the brake wheels, that means 180 degrees. Every piston is ribbed, in order to secure perfect cooling of whole brake system. In the rear the braking is established by brake-discs with 362 mm in diameter, which are curbed by 6-piston brake calipers.

Nothing more to be said. This kind of adjustments can not be seen very often and that’s why they are so extraordinary. We just have to marvel at the skills of designers and technicians of companies like American Evolve.

Wallpaper of Volvo C30 Evolve:



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