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Logo Volvo Volvo C30 modifications by Heico Sportiv Logo Volvo

Volvo C30 modifications by Heico Sportiv

There are many companies on the market proving they’re very good in their branch and they’re really serious. So serious that we are „forced“ to present you as many as five new models from one company. It’s a German tuning company focused on Volvo’s vehicles. Five different modifications, four cars and Heico Sportiv scores again as the champion. I think I haven’t to explain the fact that the tuning, racing and sport are often very common. We can see very frequently tuning cars built to win or promote some brand. Or am I wrong? Look at Volvo C30, Volvo XC90, Volvo C70 and Volvo S40 after some craftsmanship made by this German tuning company.


Volvo C30 – this is a study introduced at the Paris motor show to attract mostly the young generation of customers. This Volvo has some real sporting potential combined with luxurious interior and extravagant, unusual design. The C30 is based on the platform of earlier presented 3CC aimed to younger customers that love and enjoy life in the city.

The smallest model in the Volvo’s range is in spite of its small dimension (4.25m length) enough spacious to carry four adults. This car becomes a furious element in combination with the most powerful 2.5 turbo engine producing very nice 220 hp and 330 Nm of torque. As we used, also in this case Volvo is very safety.

It includes systems as Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS), Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) and Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) that saves you from the car in your mirror’s blind spot.

Volvo counts with 65 000 vehicles per year, mostly be sold on the European market. I think that this car will be the bestseller, because it has everything what young customer wants. Also great news are that fancy tuning parts are now available.


Maybe nothing is better in this world than hang out with buddies to mountains, hold your snowboard and enjoy the freedom. What I’m talking about? About snowboarding, the sport that rocks the world and has more and more fans every day.

It’s the sport characteristic for its freedom, excitement and style. It’s about your lifestyle – music, clothing and your way of life.
I think that skiing is out, because it’s always about the same. But the snowboarding is every time different. It’s something new and incomparable. Have you ever reached climax during the ride? So try some untouched backcountry with beautiful powder stone and occasional kickers and you understand my words.

Burton Snowboards is a quite known term for snowboarders. This company was founded 30 years ago and it’s a leader of the snowboard world (and companies such as Nitro, Nidecker etc.). So it happened what happened and the cooperation of Heico Sportiv & Burton Snowboards brought a project called Heico/Burton HS3 THOR.

It’s the modified world hot product Volvo C30 in Freestyle style to enjoy your life. Let’s present it.


Love at first sight means special distinctive seven layer camouflage paintworks. The combination of grey, white and brown creates a perfect feeling of mountains. We don’t think that is something better to create as this work of Heico Sportiv.

The car has passed not very excessive facelift. There’s a new front bumper with a new diffuser resembling SUV vehicles. Also a trio of openings is included: the elongated central one and two sides with integrated fog lamps used as air inlet to the brakes. These openings and the mask are covered with a black perforated sheet to obtain more aggressive look as we need in mountains.

Also new side sills are in same style as the front diffuser. Don’t expect something dynamic and sporting, because the off-road style is what we want and what fits.

The rear bumper has been also improved and now we can see a new diffuser and enlarged fog lamps.

Maybe the most important elements here are the extended opening for four exhaust tips of custom exhaust system with 76 mm in diameter. So you can enjoy the perfect sound and perfect combustion gas?.

Because this is the car that is a mix of usefulness and stylish design, we can find holders for snowboards on the roof that are installed sidelong. This brings car to the new level, because now it has everything what enthusiasts want. And If you want or not, everyone take notice of you.


Also the interior has been heavily changed. Leather is used everywhere. It’s the two-color leather Sapphire Black and Alpha Grey is used on the front sporting and rear seats. The exclusive Lugano leather with a white needlework can be found on the sporting steering wheel and entire dashboard. Also we need to count with aluminum elements as pedals, shift knob, hand brake, central console and door parts.

Not so sporting? A perfect harmony of materials that creates an extravagant style – the same as snowboarding is.

The interior has some traces of our cooperating companies. Expect of entire modification, I mean luxurious rugs with Heico mark, the seats with embroiled logos of Burton Snowboards and rugs in the trunk with both embroiled logos.

The fact that this modification is devoted to young people enjoying youth and freedom is noticeable on the central console with two pocket „toys“ and sound system.

The soundsystem is called the Volvo’s Premium Sound System and this means ten speakers Dynaudio with Dolby Pro Logic II Surround System and total power of 650W playing music from main player of iPod Nano in this case. This gadget cooperates with a GPS handheld Motorola Q with perfect Motorola Bluetooth handsfree system. Need to add something?

If this isn’t enough for you, look behind. Behind the rear seats you can find a beautiful blue illuminated trunk. The trunk has been enhanced for needs of snowboard outfit as helmets, boards and boots. During the presentation of this car, these companies presented also some new products of BRTN Snowboards as beautiful 2008 Burton Vapor board, C60 helmets and SL-10 boots.


Of course this vehicle is focused on mountain trips for snowboard adventure, so its engine isn’t the same.

At first sight you can notice the height of ride. I think the reason is clear. It’s possible thanks to the adjustable Heico suspension. It can be proud of 18“ 5-spoked rims with titan paintworks booted into the Toyo R888 tires - 245/40R-18. Heico is an extreme detailman and the tires have logos of the German company on their tread patterns. Behind the rims is a place for performance cut disc brakes, 320 mm in front and 285 mm at the back controlled with four-piston brake calipers in Alpine blue color.

The most important step of the modification has been the engine tuning. Thanks to the series of improvements as turbo modification, more powerful intercooler with improved water injection, stainless sporting exhaust system and of course the Heico’s ECU, the modifiers has achieved about 50% increase of power to final 500 hp and 360 Nm of torque.

Thanks to the improvements, 100kmph can be reached in very solid 5.5 seconds. This enormous power is transmitted by a six-speed manual transmission to all four wheels with the electronic power regulator that automatically controls traction depending up terrain conditions.

This should be unforgettable experience of perfect technology and pleasant snowboarding.

Pictures of Volvo C30 Heico Sportiv HS3 Thor:



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Video of Volvo C30 Heico Sportiv HS3 Thor:


After the cooperation with BRTN Snowboards, Heico Sportiv has prepared for this compact sporting car another plastics package including front and rear bumper, side sills, interior accessories and engine tuning of course.

Need to be said that this modification makes this car sportier and more and more we like this car very much. We present you the HEICO HS3 D5.


First thing you notice is the hot red paintwork confronted with plastic parts and now it can be a part of sporting elite. The distinctive front bumper with four different openings is very bold. Also the mask has now a new chromed hem and the Heico’s badge. A black perforated sheet is used on all openings, revealing engine parts and intensifying emotional experience. Two side openings have integrated fog lamps. At first sight you can notice some fender’s extension that perfect matches with side spoilers of the front bumper.

The continuity is evident on the side sills. They’re not shouting: „Look at me, I’m the One! “, instead of this, they’re decent like the entire modification. I think these side sills fit perfectly, and if they used aggressive ones, it wouldn’t have been perfect. The side sills (with integrated openings at the back) exactly express the message of the youthful car.

Not difficult change of the rear bumper has brought expected results including dynamic design with distinctive sporting elements. There’s a new matt diffuser with four 76 mm mufflers.


The interior has obtained some changes too. There are new aluminum elements that can be found as sporting pedal set, shift knob, hand brake, handles and door upholstery. But the aluminum isn’t alone and it’s combined with two-colored leather as preferred by customer.


The next big lure is the engine modification. A stock 5-cylinder diesel engine produces 180 hp and 350 Nm of torque. After some improvements like the reprogrammed ECU or enhanced exhaust system, the engine is capable to produce 205 hp and the torque is about 50 Nm bigger – 400 Nm. That allows reaching 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds and the car’s top speed is 230 km/h. I think very solid values.

Also we need to add the adjustable sporting suspension from Heico, 4-piston brake disc and maximum stylish 8.5 x 20" Titan VOLUTION® V 5-spoked rims booted into the very thin tires.

In my opinion, this is the way that modification of smaller cars should be. It’s not very complicated and maximum sporting improvements attract not only owners, but also bystanders.

Pictures of Volvo C30 Tuning:



What is your opinion about Heico Sportiv modifications of Volvo C30?

Author: Tuningmag.net

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