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Volvo C70 tuning by Heico Sportiv!

There are many companies on the market proving they’re very good in their branch and they’re really serious. So serious that we are „forced“ to present you as many as five new models from one company. It’s a German tuning company focused on Volvo’s vehicles. We think we haven’t to explain the fact that the tuning, racing and sport are often very common. We can see very frequently tuning cars built to win or promote some brand. Or am I wrong? Look at Volvo C70 after some craftsmanship made by this German tuning company.


The Volvo C70 is full of dynamics, sporting spirit and unchained bravery. The handsome with solid sliding roof is a ideal partner for various summer trips. Beautiful design, high safety – that’s Volvo of course.

We’re used to see powerful engines in the Volvo’s cars. And this vehicle isn’t an exception. Customers can choose from three petrol and one diesel engine. If you choose the most powerful T5 gasoline power plant, expect the 5-cylinder 2.5 liter engine producing 220hp (162kW) and 320Nm of torque.

Now we can brightly imagine the ride in Volvo C70 with some nice girl on the French Cote D´Azure. Very nice.


Sometimes less is more and it has been proved many times. We dare to say that this is the case of this Volvo C70. The sporting stock appearance has been improved by Heico with some details that raise the sporting character to the sky. So let’s take a look at this Heico.

First thing that we talk about is the front bumper. It hasn’t been radically changed but a pair of bottom spoilers that perfectly copy the lines of the front and enhance the rounded lines of the stock bumper. Also there’s new Heico Sportiv’s logo on the front grill. Side sills remain stock, because they look sporting enough. Heico has focused on the rear bumper that has now an additional diffuser with four chromed exhaust tips of sporting exhaust system. It’s minimalist but maximum fancy.

Rims are integral parts of every tuning. Like always, also now we can see perfect choice of the silver 20“ 5-spoked rims in low-profile tires. Behind them we can see 4-piston brake discs and exclusive blue calipers with logo of tuning company. The sporting character is amplified thanks to the adjustable sporting suspension allowing control the ride’s height about 30 mm.

The performance tuning is obvious so the T5 aggregate has added 30hp and 40Nm to the final 250hp and 360Nm of torque.

Pictures of modified Volvo C70:



What is your opinion about Volvo C70 tuned by Heico?

Author: Tuningmag.net

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