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The luxurious off-road to the all terrain – Volvo XC70 AT Concept !!!

SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association) – Las Vegas. This is a car show from the whole world and all the things that have connection with the cars. It is the biggest automobile display market on the world. This is the place where it was introduced one flashnews in the form of a study. It is a work of an American tuner which is interested in the tuning of Swedish Volvo cars. We are talking about the terrene off-road, respectively, all-terrain Volvo XC70 AT. Let´s have a look on it.

Stock model VOLVO XC70:

Volvo XC70 – comfortable family car in a combi and off-road configuration at the same time, intended to either long family trips, business journeys with the baggage or even for the pleasure trip to the terrain.

There are two variants of a mounted engines to Volvo where in both cases there is a four-wheel drive:

  • 5-cylinder with the cubage 2,5 litres and with the output 208 hp at 5000 rpm
  • 5-cylinder turbodiesel EURO 4 with the cubage 2,5 litres and with the output 185 hp at 4000 rpm.5-válec
There are three possible variants of a gearboxes in the offer:

  • 5-speed manual gearbox
  • 5-speed automatic gearbox
  • 5-speed Geartronic – the principle is that you have 2 gearboxes in one. The automatic one for more quiet drive and manual one for more swifter drive. You just have to switch the „button“
The auto features is quite equitable. It consists of, for example: ABS (Automatic Breaking System), EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), halogen front headlights, DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control), front lights to the foggy wheather, cruise control, the leather driving wheel with gear change lever grib, radio volume control on the driving wheel, slip stick and more other things. You can get at extra pay for example: GPS navigator with DVD player, rainy sensor, body-tint back floats, leather seats,... You can get your car boot to 16" „Erinus“ or 16" „Xenia“ electrons.

According to the nonamed internet moto magazine which made a test between three off-roads Volvo CX70, VW Touareg and Chrysler Pacifica, Volvo fitted the first place. It offers the ideal proportion between the right car size, a steering control, the usage, a consumption and a general impression. Well, it will be something in Volvo.

Photogallery of Volvo XC70 SUV:


The Volvo tuning from America

Volvo XC 70 AT
What will you think if you look at this modified Volvo? Is it a family estate car, full-blooded terrain jeep or terrapin? It can be said that this Volvo includes this „all“. Its not usual look captures not a one eye and its extraordinary auto features attractes possibly each tuner´s interest. What is it, in fact, Volvo XC70 AT Concept?

The abbreviation „AT“ means All Terrain. This Volvo is a study of a high-powered terrain car on the basis of a series model SUV category which is, inter alia, also inspired by terrain cars for the Baja 1000 Marathon.

Volvo´s exterior: When a person has a look at it from the outside, he will think about many possible ways how to describe this car. At first, he will be captured by the shining orange colour „Saffron“ which looks like the sand colour. What an accident. Volvo is carried on the majestic 20" disks KMC XD booted to the BF Goodrich tires with the dimensions 285/50 R20.

The clearance height can be changed by the pushing of a one button about 200 mm, with the hepl of coarser anti-sway bars, electronic adaptive regulation of Volvo Four-C characteristic and with the air suspension iPd. You can choose from the „Sport“ or „Comfort“ programs. It can be useful at many situations. It is necessary a good system performance to make this car move and not only on the ordinary routes.

Gallery of tuned Volvo XC 70 AT:



This is done by turbocharging petrolic five-cylinder with the cubage 2,5 litres. It comes from the sport model Volvo V70 R. However, it was not enough for them, so it was the engine tuning turn. It consists of the turbocharging modification with the changing of a turbocompressor for a bigger one, off-setting a bigger air cooler together with the new exhaust emission system which is ended by two oval exhaust endings. The output of a new engine was increased from the initial 300 hp (221 kW) to 408 hp (300 kW). Volvo has a four-wheels drive with the assistence of a six-speed automatic gearbox model XC90 V8, with the multi-disk clutch Haldex. The brakes became better with this output. It was changed from the series ones to the BREMBO brakes with the disks with the dimension 330 mm. The power is making-up by ABS.

Volvo XC70 AT Concept wallpaper:



The Volvo circumference is lined with the safety panel in a grey colour complemented by the front custom bumper iPd which enable to mount a capstan Warn with the traction 4,5 tons. As to the auto features, it is done by luggage rack which consists of a petrol can, a special terrain lifting device Hi-Lift, a spare wheel and electric generator with the output 1000 W. There is 5 headlights PIAA 520 on the front part of the roof. Volvo XC70 AT preserves features of a classic series Volvo despite of the all outdoor changes.

The Volvo interior: indoor of Volvo XC70 AT must be comfortable and safe. Even there was done many changes also in the indoor, it was preserved all safety features mouted in series: airbags, SIPS, WHIPS and DSTC. Whole indoor is in neoprene grey-black cushining complemented by aluminium decorative features.

So, what do you say about that? Is it a quite nice piece, isn´t it? The disadvantage is that it is only a study. However, we will surely hear about it.

What is your opinion about Volvo XC70 AT

Source: Tuningmag.net

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