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VW Touareg, Porsche 996 Turbo, Ford GT and Maserati MC12 XX by Edo Competition !

VW Touareg, Porsche 996 Turbo, Ford GT and Maserati MC12 XX by Edo Competition !

Tuning companies’ portfolios are growing larger, no matter the kind of car. No matter if it is station wagon, sedan, SUV or coupe, all cars are in demand. We assess Germany as the country of unlimited possibilities, at least in the area of automobiles. It makes not odds, if you are owner of a sporting station wagon or an uncompromising full-blooded sport car – Germans can adjust anything. One of such companies is specialist on pure sport vehicles as for example Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin DB9, Porsche GT2 RS, etc. Not by accident they say, that Germans are tuning maniacs and this is true also for the company Edo Competition, which has dispatched four representatives: Porsche 996 Turbo, VW Touareg, Ford GT and Maserati MC12. You wouldn’t find more powerful lineup.


Behind all this stands one passionate German motorist Edo Karabegovic. After some time spent in one Ferrari workshop in the south Germany and some traveling around the world with various racing teams, he gained enough experience and knowledge to start his own business. 2001 was a breakthrough year, because this is when the special Porsche 996 GT3-R was born. This moment started the tuning history of this German company – Edo Competition.

By now, this company created more than 20 modified high-class vehicles. Today, we want to introduce you one quartet, which is really worth it.


VW Touareg Tuning
There’s no need to introduce this luxurious SUV. It’s been some years from his birth, but the demand for it still doesn’t decline and this true also for tuning companies. Several modified versions of this cross-country has been made. However, until now, we have written about the “old” version.

It is not so long ago, that the new version of popular VW Touareg was introduced. And some time after this, first visual-performance packet appeared.

On the outside is the modified Touareg different with expressive red-black paintwork. The interface between red, which starts at the front part, and black is designed in such a way, that the red continuously fades with look of strokes of paintbrush. I don’t know why, but I find this combination of colors very suitable for a car. Tuners really knew, what they wanted to reach.

Exterior + interior
Design and interior adjustment wasn‘t worked out in a difficult way, tuners preferred sporting decency.

In the front part of the bumper is new bottom part GFK, which includes a large central opening for air delivery to the cooler of engine, a pair of side openings with integrated fog lights and regular headlights, and chromium grille. Almost all openings are filled out with black expanded metal. Sometimes, less can be more.

At the side of the car were added very sporty side sills and chromium plates on every door. It may look like, it is not enough, but side sills perfectly fit the style and overall essence of this SUV. More aggressive elements would be beside the symbiosis of car and style. The rear part is characteristic with diffuser with central opening and four round exhaust tips with diameter 89 mm, which are based on stainless cat-back system for more sharp sound. This will certainly help Touareg to get noticed.

Aluminum pedal set and other details are natural parts.

Engine modification of any vehicle indicates, that tuners are not satisfied with what is default stored under the hood. In every engine, some potential is hidden and this is twice evident in VW Touareg. By modification of control unit and by means of added sporting filter, the tuners increased the power of 5-liter 10-cylinder by 70 horse powers.

With this increase of power, the suspension had to be adjusted too. In place of stock alloys, there are new two-color three-part twisted alloy wheels with dimensions 10,0x22 inches with tires 295/30R22. Behind them is new braking set of brake-wheels with 360 mm and 6-piston calipers. Moreover, pneumatic suspension with adjustable height was added.

EDO Competition Volkswagen Touareg Tuning:




Porsche 996 Turbo Tuning
Vehicles Porsche have always been symbols of sporting spirit in motor sport. Ferdinand Porsche certainly didn’t thought of what success his car make may have, when he manufactured his first car. Porsche family grew very quickly and constantly created new members. One of them is powerful Porsche 996 Turbo, which became the target of team of Edo Competition company.

All was initiated with red-black paintwork, which is identical with paintwork of modified Touareg. Everyone has to make his own opinion about if this style fits the character of this German car.

Since the vehicles Porsche are proud owners of aerodynamically elements with a decent amount of sport exclusivity already in their stock versions, guys from Edo Competition better didn’t try to change it. What is perfect, can’t be made better. So, only a bottom spoiler under the front spoiler was added. This, with its aerodynamical shape, creates a pleasant harmony with the rest of the front part.

And we suppose we don’t have to mention the car looks more aggressive. Furthermore, all front openings were stocked with protective grills, to support the more powerful engine. Simple and impressive.

Much more was done inside of this German sting. Also here rebounded the desire for more power – stock 420 horse powers were obviously too few for tuners. Because of this, under the hood was installed more powerful turbo and sporting filter BMC-Sport. The result is better performance – but not just because of these changes. Besides that, new exhaust system terminated with four robust exhaust tips (because of higher amount of emissions), sporting clutch and the improved transmission were installed. Result – astonishing 585 horse powers (438 kW) at 6790 rpm. With this you can do miracles :-).

Safety above all. This sentence is probably slogan of every tuning company and in Edo Competition, they interpret it as height-adjustable pneumatic suspension and powerful disc brakes. In front, these are drilled brake wheels with 370 mm with 6 pistons, in the rear, there are 342 mm wheels with four pistons. There was place also for beautiful and relatively large alloy wheels booted in low-profiles 245/35R18 in front and 315/30R18 in the rear. These are 18 inch three-part alloy wheels painted black with dimensions 9.0x18 in front and 12x18 in the rear. System, which controls pressure in tires is a matter of course.

EDO Competition Porsche 996 Turbo Tuning:




Ford GT Tuning
The word Ford evokes many things in us. American power, beauty, precision and tradition. Henry Ford was a will be one the fathers of all automobiles in the world, not just today‘s vehicles. His firs cars became legends which will live forever. Ford knew, what people want, and therefore he did what he knew best – he designed and built automobiles. Ford Mustang may be the best example.

Ford GT became popular very quickly – at the scratch line was revolutionary Ford GT40. A racing car, with everything it should contain, designed for regular driving. Perfect combination. Company Edo competition was aware of what this car means and therefore its approach was respectful, which became evident on the scope of modification.

Tuners focused in the first place on increase of power. We must admit, they managed this task very well – 60 hp increase was achieved thanks to pre-programmed electronics and 200-cell sporting catalyzer. In addition, there is new cat-back system with larger tips. As well as in the preceding two cases, also here can be find adjustable suspension and autonomous control of damping.

The car is “decorated“ with three-part carbon cover, special rear wing, and temperature and pressure control system for each tire.

EDO Competition Ford GT Tuning:




Are you fed up with always the same super sports as for instance Ferrari Enzo or Bugatti Veyron? So take a look at something new and old, something that isn’t as much discussed. Royal crown in the symbol and reputation of a sporting beast – Maserati. Cars, that are symbols of power, sporting elegance and will fit in various car collections. Moreover, Maserati came into existence even earlier than known and “commercial“ Lamborghini and Ferrari. Maserati was never an extremely famous brand.

We are going to take a look at one particular – Maserati MC12. Sometimes the number in the name of car means something that is connected with engine. This is right that case – number 12 is the number of cylinders. Then, imagine volume of 6-liters and the beast is born. The whole system can produce amazing 623 horse power (with torque 652 Nm). Thanks to this, one hundred is reached in 3.8 seconds. It probably won’t surprise you, that this car is intended solely for racing.


Edo Competition Maserati MC12 XX
We know this situation, when a tuning company deals with this kind of extremely powerful vehicle. But before, it was known vehicle – Porsche, Bentley etc. However, Edo Competition isn’t scared of trying some delicacy like Maserati MC12. It is a challenge with real amount of respect.

Company Edo Competition focused mostly on the engine tuning, that means increasing the performance. Well, honestly, who would be satisfied with 623 horses? :-D. And this wasn’t a modification with an “everyday“ attribute. Next few lines will persuade you.

Drilling the 12-cylinder engine provided for increase of volume to final 6.3 liters, there are new cylinders, pistons, cams, oil pump, more powerful clutch, pre-programmed control unit and crankshaft, in other words, inside of the engine was totally reconstructed. In addition, there is porting filter, lighten titanium valves, more powerful air suction and of course complete exhaust system with new damper and sporting catalyzer. Really long list of modifications. On the end of it is not only the better performance but also weight lower by 100 kg.

When talking about the power, its value was boosted by this extreme intervention to heart-breaking 800 horse-powers (588 kW) at 8500 rpm, but all this is – without forced induction. One hundred in 3.3 seconds and maximum speed 390 kph is not a problem. I think, that these are arguments that should force sane human to think about whether he really wants to sit in this rocket or not.

Improved safety is natural by these numbers. Braking is managed by drilled ultra-powerful disc brakes with dimensions 396 mm + eight pistons in front and 360 mm in the rear. Edo Competition also offers adequate alloy wheels with size 19 and 20 inches with tires 265/35 ZR 19 in front and 335/30 ZR 20 in the back. They are painted black.

Some additive jazz is given by expressive and aggressive black-orange paintwork, which really can’t be omitted. The top of the milk is the fact that if you decide to buy MC12 XX, Edo Competition will provide you personal mechanic for one day with the transport cost included.

EDO Competition Maserati MC12 XX Tuning:



Wallpaper Edo Competition Maserati MC12 XX Tuning:



Video of older version of Edo Competition Maserati MC12 (2005) on the Hockenheim circuit:

Edo Competition Porsche Cayenne Tuning:

What is you opinion about Edo Competition tuning cars?

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