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Volkswagen sirocco

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Logo Volkswagen Volkswagen Golf R GTI – tuning for the year 2007 !? Logo Volkswagen

Volkswagen Golf R GTI – tuning for the year 2007 !?

Variations of today’s stock cars are different. It doesn’t mater if it’s an engine modification or styling, the result is still a change. It’s not a crime of course, We can look at tuning modifications as a sort of art. But we need to differentiate what is a tuning and what isn’t.

Because nowadays, we can meet a lot of people that decorate their car with some ballast and they think they have cool car. But the real tuning isn’t about randomly placed plastic accessories, but it’s about thinking. Every part has to be on its own place. Maybe that new shiny 19“ 10-spoked rims can be great on Toyota Supra, but your old VW Jetta isn’t suitable for that.

The tuning is about rational changes – no chocolate-box art but something unique should be created. I think everybody knows a 5th generation VW Golf GTI – a strong, dynamic car with a great design.

But for somebody it isn’t enough. So we found its great brother on this year’s SEMA Auto Show - VW Golf R GTI.

Volkswagen Golf 5

Volkswagen Golf 5 GTI
I have a feeling that’s nonsense to write something about this car, because it is notorious known. The “Golf-mania“ launched many years ago, but it’s still very intense. These cars are symbols of the country of origin, so it’s a sin to talk about them as something crappy and unusable

VW Golf 5 GTI is in this moment the second most powerful version of Golf. This undoubtedly sporting car has something unspecific what immediately lures an attraction of something „big“. Golf GTI is one of the few cars of this class offering a predatoriness and style.

A „honeycomb” style radiator grill with red hem, distinctive rear spoiler, black extended doorsteps, 17“ alloys, sporting steering wheel and suspension (-15mm) and exhaust system with two exhaust tips – this all reveal that we‘ve just met a sporting GTI version (These elements are in a basic package) Nothing aggressive, more likely decent, but enough to differentiate GTI from the rest of stock production.

This type of machine needs a big bunch of power.

VW supplies this car with 2.0-liter FSI turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 200 hp (147kW). You can choose from a 6-speed DSG automatic or manual transmission. The difference is hidden in a 0-100 kmph acceleration: 6.8 seconds with DSG automatic and 7.1 seconds with manual. Not so big difference, but a great result for VW engineers working on the DSG technology.

VW Golf 5 GTI pictures:




This year’s SEMA Auto Show was full of surprises and its visitors were witnesses of various news. Our improved Golf GTI was one of them. The concept is a work of VW designer Derek Jenkins and his Californian team. Last years they presented there modified Passat, Jetta and Touareg.

Now it’s a 3-doors VW Golf 5 R GTI that is and will be the only in the world. The letter „R“ is used to approach to the top-model Golf R32 . I beg to inform you that they‘ve created an amazing and unique car. A fusion of great but not wild design with the perfect performance – that can’t be seen everyday. And remember that’s still VW Golf. Creators really enjoyed the creation of this baby. But let’s start from the beginning.


Volkswagen Golf 5 R GTI 2007
A first sight reveals a distinctive black paintwork combined with a “honeycomb“ vinyl. The honeycomb is the one of main characteristics of this modification. It’s right, that a black color hides interesting details, but in many cases it’s a symbol of sporting soul that wants to be hidden and surprise when nobody expects. And add tinted Windows and lots of carbon used on Golf’s chassis.

A salient feature of front part is its front bumper that is different from GTI‘s. Primarily thanks to a big central opening that is used for an air-intake to the engine. The opening is surrounded by a stylish red border and filled with a honeycomb grill. Two openings for an air-intake to brakes with integrated lights are situated at the sides of front bumper. A carbon diffuser (a carbon is used also in case of the front grill and hood) is mounted under the front bumper.

Very interesting element on a front mask (that creating unit with a big central opening in a front bumper) is nothing else than the “R” symbol with a checkered flag under the GTI logo.

It’s truth that designers could made bigger modifications on the exterior, but they knew that this isn’t the way of GTI. It’s not about an extreme exterior, but the image is most important - decent, but aggressive, silently waiting for the right moment. And this is the way of VW Golf 5 R GTI.

Volkswagen Golf 5 R GTI
No important changes were made on the side of Golf, but also the little ones reflect whole styling of car.

To be specific, we’re talking about door back mirrors (similar design as the vinyl’s structure) made of carbon, of course. I can’t understand why also doorsteps aren’t made of carbon as other parts, they’re quite discreet and designed in a honeycomb style.

A rear part is again decent but striking. The proof of designer’s inspiration by R32 is dark tail-lights and double exhaust tips in the middle of bumper. These tips remind me Jenkins three-wheel concept GX3. Also the rear bumper was modified for this version.

They added a carbon diffuser and the surrounding area is made again in a hexagonal style. New is also a “R“ logo on a trunk which is again made of carbon as well as a decent sporting spoiler.


Volkswagen Golf 5 R GTI 2007 Interior
An interior has a similar sporting spirit as the exterior. The full-leather interior is black, combined with red borders and quilted and carbon additions.

The sporting spirit is emphasized by front Recaro Pole Position seats with a red hem and four-point safety belts.

Next we can find a leather/shammy three-arm steering wheel also decorated with a red thread and R GTI logo. Also there are other sporting elements as aluminum pedals and gear lever, carbon door upholstery etc.

An interesting element is a rear part of the interior. A weight reduction caused a removal of stock seats and its replacing by two racing carbon buckets also covered by a leather. These buckets are mounted into a carbon block. It not only looks great but it’s great for fellow passengers that can enjoy the ride as never before.

Unfortunately, only designers and constructers can do it now.


Volkswagen Golf 5 GTI R 2007
Many of you want to know what’s under the hood. Be sure, that’s not something small. The GTI’s stock power plant is a 200hp 4-cylinder supercharged engine. Jenkins thought it’s not enough so they fiddled about with this engine. They replaced a stock turbo with bigger made by APR that can make pressure of 1.45 bars.

Next they added a complete exhaust system, bigger cooler, stronger black aluminum pipes and many more. They also modified a clutch and differential so the changes are notable. And the result is the engine with output of 375hp (276kW) (93-octane gasoline) or 400hp/297kW (100-octane racing gasoline). The maximum torque is now 461Nm and 0-100 km/h acceleration takes only 4,8 seconds.

Of course, Derek Jenkins and his team thought about a safety so experts from H&R Tuning made modifications on a suspension. Everything was changed with RSS Club Sport collection – shock-absorbers, springs, crossbars… The result is a lowered chassis height by 25 mm, better handling and stability for a great driving experience.

Constructers selected Brembo brake components. Fitted at the front corners are Brembo’s four-piston aluminum alloy calipers, which bite in Brembo two-piece floating cross-drilled discs with billet aluminum hats.. The front calipers have even been painted with the colors of the German flag.

An interesting design masterpiece is two-piece 19” (19x9) alloy wheels. Once again we encounter with a hexagonal grille pattern. A central part is black and the rest is red. They’re booted in professional 265/30-19 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires.

A car called VW Golf R GTI is the proof that Golf series still have a great potential!

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What is your opinion about Volkswagen Golf R GTI 2007?

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