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logo Nissan 350Z body-kit Formula from the Swiss company Xeigen logo

Nissan 350Z body-kit Formula from the Swiss company Xeigen

Switzerland, one of the wealthiest countries is known for its watches and pocket-knife. But it doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be found any tuners, or even companies dealing with a car tuning among antiglobalists.

Xeigen Nissan 350z
Xeigen is considered to be one of the most famous Swiss tuning companies. Its latest victim for tuning is a very popular Nissan 350Z, which has been “dressed” in clear white color with a Japanese Kamikaze flag on the roof. Pure and at the same time deadly aggressive character is simply indescribable. The body-kit from Xeigen includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a huge wing.

The designers of this modification have been inspired by the so called GT style, that is: simple and purified lines, yet rigorously aggressive. In a word, let you look at the car from any sight, it must evoke in you the nobleness of a whole, not only of one part.

The fact, that every element of this aerodynamic kit is produced on the basis of the original Nissan 350Z elements is matter of course. On the car chassis there are beautiful new wheels with dimensions 9-inch at the front and even 9.5-inch at the rear mounted into Pirelli tires with dimensions 245x20 and 245x30. The wheels were provided by Parotech Company. The car, however, nearly touched the ground, what has been done by the sporty kit from KW Company, lowering the car by 40mm in comparison with the serial one.

The brake system must have been replaced by more effective one. Xeigen, however, continued with the mark, which provides the serial brakes, namely with the Brembo Company. I suppose that you knew it in advance?. The 3.5 liter V6 engine thanks to its output and almost perfect weight distribution of the car doesn’t need practically any modifications, but some tuning must be done on this car. A modification by the Superchips system Company has been done here, which virtually increases the output from original 280 hp to 310 hp.

This tuned kit was called a second generation Formula kit and according to the Xeigen spokesmen: “We wanted to show what will be the main tendency of immediate future among tuners”.

Nissan 350Z Formula bodykit from Xeigen:



What is your opinion on this bodykit from Xeigen for Nissan 350Z?

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